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Kennel Sitting & Puppy Nanny Services by Posh Puppy

Offering exemplary canine care services, including Kennel Sitting, Puppy Nanny, Puppy Nurse, Canine Concierge, Dog Walking, In House Boarding, Litter Whelping, Special Needs Dog Sitting and More. Based in Southern Ontario - Travel to Locations Within Canada Available.

Kennel and Hobby Kennel Sitting

Trust the care of your canine companions to an experienced, diligent, attention oriented professional. Round the clock care, cleanliness, paperwork, and the orderly maintenance of your business is my priority,

Puppy Nanny and Litter Whelping

Nothing requires more trust than allowing someone else to raise your precious puppies. As a healthcare professional, I can administer meds, tube feed, and monitor health around the clock.

Canine Concierge and Transportation

We can't always travel with our pets, and few of us will trust airline cargo with their safety and wellbeing. I can make all needed arrangements for safe air or ground travel to and from any destination, and ensure your pets arrive safe and sound.

Special Needs and In Home Pet Sitting

Some pets require specialized care, or are not suited for kennel boarding. I will care for your pets in home, and administer meds, care for blind or disabled pets, and offer loving, one on one care to elderly or disabled pets.
Dog Walking and Pet Sitting in Brantford, Ontario
Dog Walking service in Brantford Ontario

Dog Walking and Pet Sitting in Brantford, Ontario

I offer daily dog walking and in home pet care services in Brantford, Ontario. Whether your dog requires a leisurely, relaxing stroll on one of Brantford’s many lovely trails, or an enthusiastic play session and invigorating hike along Grand River, I will keep your dog entertained, enthused, and amused when you can’t be there.

Additional services available in addition to Brantford dog walking include administration of pet meds as needed, feeding, clean ups, mail pick up, errands, and of course always lots of loving and one on one time with your dogs and other furry friends.

Kennel Care and Hobby Kennel Sitting

Leaving the care and management of your professional boarding kennel, hobby kennel, or show kennel to someone else is a daunting task. You need someone with exemplary attention to detail, time management skills, professionalism and trustworthiness. Absolutely nothing else will do. As a long time (human) health care professional, I can offer all of this and more, along with a lifetime of experience in animal care and rescue.

All Boarding, Hobby, and Show Kennel Sitting experiences are unique, and require a unique level of trust between all of us. Reservations are pre made only after a Zoom or Teams call where we can meet with each, ask questions, see the facilities, and discuss rates and requirements.

Special Needs In House Dog Sitting and Kennel Care
Kennel and Show Kennel Sitting and Care

Puppy Nanny and Litter Whelping Care

Allow me to help take the stress out of whelping your next litter, with Puppy Nanny and Litter Whelping Care. My services are diligent, careful, and lovingly attentive, and include:

  • Care, monitoring and recording of weights and details
  • Bottle and/or tube supplemental feeding of puppies as needed
  • Administration of any needed medications as needed
  • Play and social enhancement of puppies during transitional phases
  • Cleaning and care of all whelping surfaces and equipment
  • Ultra hygienic care of mother and neonates
  • Loving care and feeding of mother with extra attention to her moods
  • Transition to weaning and housebreaking as requested

All litter and litter whelping experiences are unique, and require a unique level of trust between all of all us. Needless to say, I only ever whelp one litter at a time. Reservations are pre made only after a Zoom or Teams call where we can meet with each, ask questions, and discuss rates and requirements.

Dog and kennel sitting, puppy nurse and puppy nanny, dog walking and canine transportation
Puppy Nanny and Litter Whelping Services

Don't take my word for how awesome I am - read some of my client testimonials 🙂

“There is absolutely NO ONE ELSE I would trust to raise and care for my puppies the way I trust Brandi. Her care, her patience, her attention to detail, and her ability to remain calm even when things go wrong is simply amazing. I can't recommend her highly enough.”

Carol G.French Bulldog Breeder, 37 Years

“Brandi has the ability to make me feel that nothing can possibly go wrong while she is caring for my dogs. I can get some sleep, relax, leave the house, and know that while I am not there my dogs are getting the absolute best care possible. 10+ Stars Rating across the board.”

Sue B.Bulldog Breeder, 10+ Years

“Brandi rescued our dog from the couch cushions, and our dryer tried to eat her hand. Our dogs love her, and we love Brandi. Enthusiastic two thumbs up, would recommend to anyone, especially if you have tiny dogs that hide in unbelievably small spaces. ”

The Yorkie GuysYorkie Breeders, Ontario

Don't see the Canine Service you need on my list? Want me to travel to your location? Contact me - let's talk.

Located in Brantford, Ontario

Travel Available to All Locations By Request